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Programme Overview



The University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne jointly with the Sorbonne Graduate Business School has been running for the last 14 years, a highly successful 2-year Masters programme that is now open to Foreign students.

French & Foreign students who have completed 240 credits in the European System, with a background in ICT are allowed to enter into the second year of this programme. During this second year, students shall specialize in Information and Knowledge Systems Engineering and Management.

IKSEM features

  • English Medium of instruction: All teaching, course material, course and practical/project work shall be in English.

  • Dual degree: Upon completion of the IKSEM Programme, successful students will be awarded a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering called ‘MIAGE’ and a Master of Management in Management of Information and Knowledge Systems called ‘SIC’.

  • The National French ‘Apprentissage’ Style of teaching/learning: Under IKSEM students spend alternate periods in the company and academia (cycle of 4 weeks in industry followed by 2 weeks in academia). They work under mentorship of two designated mentors, one each in industry and academics, respectively.

  • Earn while you Learn: Each admitted student to IKSEM is provided paid contractual employment worth between 800 and 2000 Euros per month, for one year with a French company. The Centre de Formation par l’Apprentissage, CFA-AFIA, co-ordinates the relationship between the University, the companies and IKSEM students. As part of this, it assists students in finding employment and paying for their tuition fees.

  • A multi-cultural environment for learning together: In the 2011 batch, 73% of the students have a curriculum from the University, 27% of them were engineers before acceeding to IKSEM. 36% are not french (8 different nationalities including french). 41% have a previous experience in the industry as apprenticeship before joining IKSEM.